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"The Kroger Quartet navigate through Per Nørgård's quartets with a musicianly mastery that belongs to the world elite"

The Kroger Quartet has established itself as one of Scandinavias leading contemporary music ensembles. Especially the unique collaboration with the internationally reknowned composer Per Nørgård has caused great attention in Denmark as well as abroad. The Kroger Quartet has just released a cd with the world premiere recording of Nørgårds 7th-10th string quartets, two of which are dedicated to the ensemble. The cd has received outstanding critical acclaim in Danish as well as international press.

The quartet has performed Per Nørgårds music all over Europe, including at The Aldeburgh Festival, Euroart Prague Festival, Nordic Music Festival in Madrid and in Sweden and the concerts have been broadcast in BBC, EBU as well as in Chech and Spanish radio. In 2006 The Kroger Quartet was appointed "New Stage Ensemble" by the Danish Composers Union. This consisted of a tour with performances of Nørgårds music throughout Denmark.

The Kroger Quartet's interest in Per Nørgårds music began at the Quartets debut concert in 1999 at the Festival of New Danish Music in Bloomington, U.S.A. Here the young quartet played Nørgårds 5th quartet "Inscape" from 1969. The working relationship between Nørgård and the Kroger Quartet began while working on Nørgårds 9th string quartet "Ind i Kilden" (Into the Source), whose Danish first performance was given by the Kroger Quartet in 2003. Musicians and composer got together for many intense days at Frederiksdal Manor and at Nørgårds appartment on Nørrebro to work on this composition. Through experiments, discussions and the composers instructions the quartet and Nørgård found mutual understanding and inspiration which resulted in the revision of the entire ending of the 3rd movement of the quartet.

When composing his 10th string quartet "Harvest Timeless" for the Kroger Quartet in 2005 Nørgård experimented directly with the ensemble during the compositional process thus creating an unusual dialogue between composer and performer. Not unlike Joseph Haydn, who had the court musicians at his disposal while working, Nørgård has also had an extraordinary opportunity to experiment, to test new principles and listen to the results during this process. The musicians of the Kroger Quartet have been active participants in as well as witnesses to the composition process itself which has been a first for both parties. In 2006 Nørgård and the Kroger Quartet have been working on his 7th string quartet from 1993. Like in the case of his 9th quartet this has been the cause for quite a few revisions. The 7th quartet is now dedicated to the Kroger Quartet.