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Alexander Øllgård, violin
Maj Kullberg, violin
Katia Stodtmeier, viola
Johan Theorin, cello


Katia Stodtmeier, viola
Born 1975 i Gerswald, Germany.
Studies in Lübeck, Berlin and Leipzig.

Winner of the 2. prize in "Jugendmusiziert" 1992.
As a member for seven years of the German/Spanish Iturriaga Quartet she won several prizes including 1. prize in the European Broadcast Chamber Music Competition 2000 and recorded several CDs.

Member of the prestigious Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt and co-principle viola in the Philharmonische Staatsorchester Mainz until Katia in 2009 came to Malmö Opera Orchestra as co-principal viola.

Member of The Kroger Quartet since spring 2012.